The third age can still be a vital period of existence, in which comfort, safety, attention and care are simply greater (and fully deserved). At the same time the desire for agreeableness and elegance in the environment that surrounds us is at least as great as in previous ages, if not greater.

The world of an elderly person is still curious and aimed at life, at an advanced age it is still possible to gather many positive aspects.
"a new life"
Forniture Range

If the best aspects are weighed up, the environment of a retirement home still contains important positive values: being looked after, helped with the most important necessities, relieved of the most annoying chores, and aided with socialising. All these represent an important improvement in the quality of life as well as a new, more serene phase of existence. In many ways, a new life. To express this in a philosophy, and in a "world", made concrete through the furnishing of this environment, is the aim of this catalogue.
RSA bed range

True source of comfort and well-being, Givas beds become a multipurpose tool providing considerable ergonomic, therapeutic, functional and even psychological benefits to both residents and caregivers. Drastically overcoming their static, passive nature, Givas beds are a dynamic and smart guide designed to help residents interact with the surrounding environment, through relaxation, activities, well-being and care. A true concentrate of technologies in which each ergonomic, technical and aesthetic detail has been developed to achieve a specific benefit to all users, with the ultimate aim of improving people's quality of life.
Download the full "a new life" catalogue
in pdf format.

Download the full "beds" catalogue
in pdf format.

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